Which countries do Russians fly to more often in spring?

Travel planning service OneTwoTrip determined which foreign destinations tourists traveled to most often this spring. To do this, we analyzed the data of bookings of airline tickets of service customers from March to May in comparison with the winter period. Vietnam, India and Israel are in the top countries.

Which countries do Russians fly to more often in spring?

The largest increase among the top 50 popular destinations in comparison with the winter period was recorded for flights to Vietnam – more than 20 times. Next comes India, where they began to fly almost 4 times more often, and Israel – the share of bookings increased by 3.8 times.

Next on the list is Montenegro, it has become more popular by 140%. Kazakhstan was also in the top — where they flew 135% more often. In addition, demand for air tickets to Tajikistan (+100%), Serbia (+98%), the Maldives (+72%), Thailand (+68%), Georgia (+65%) and Belarus (+ 40%).

As for the average price of a one-way flight to these countries, the most expensive for tourists were tickets to Vietnam (68,000 rubles), the Maldives (66,000 rubles) and Thailand (54,400 rubles). ). A flight to Montenegro (50,500 rubles), Serbia (45,700 rubles), Israel (44,700 rubles), India (39,200 rubles), Georgia (35,300 rubles) and Kazakhstan (23,600 rubles) was somewhat more profitable. Tajikistan (9,000 rubles) and Belarus (8,000 rubles) became the most budgetary of the most popular destinations.

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