We fix losses and save the rest of the savings. No faith in investment

Hello friends. Today I want to talk a little about money. So much has happened lately and continues to happen literally every day that your head just boils with thoughts of what to do in the current conditions with family capital? How to save it and can it be multiplied? v-investicii-ne-ostalos-7e44313.jpg” alt=”Fixing losses and saving the rest of the savings. There is no faith in investments left” />

Is the current crisis a time of opportunity?

Everyone knows the saying that “every crisis is a time of opportunity.” And in fact, it is, we have already experienced this many times on ourselves and VERY decently earned on investments in the midst of covid. But the current crisis, it seems to me, is a completely different case.

Investing in the stock market

Markets are down so much right now that it looks like a great time to get in. But the risks that are present at the moment (especially on the Russian exchange) completely discourage all desire to invest.

Russian brokers fall under sanctions one by one and transfer their clients to each other. People are losing money or situations just arise that all assets are frozen for an indefinite period, which is VERY indefinite in the current situation.


Keeping money in crypto also doesn’t seem like the smartest idea anymore, especially after the recent Binance exchange imposed sanctions against Russian users. So far, they have only affected those with more than $10,000 in their accounts, but even such an event suggests that in the event of an escalation, they still have a lot of room for pressure.

In general, we looked at the whole thing and decided that the opportunities are opportunities, but the risks in the current conditions are TOO high for us. Yes, maybe in the future we will regret our decision (and I hope that this will be the case), but now we have decided to exclude all investment stories from our lives for a while and with big losses withdrew all the money from our brokerage account in Tinkoff and from the Binance exchange. The good old bank deposit seems to be the best solution in the current conditions.

What do you think about investments at the present time and how you save your savings ? It is very interesting to read your thoughts on this topic.

Thank you for your attention, your Mom at the Sea.< /p>

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