We bought a car in Turkey 2 years ago and have not paid taxes on it since. Our duty and consequences

Hello friends. Today I want to give out some useful information for those interested in buying a car in Turkey, and in particular the cost of owning a private car…

2 years ago we bought a car in Turkey and have not paid taxes on it ever since. Our debt and consequences

In November 2020, we purchased a Fiat Egea car in Turkey, almost new, manufactured in 2020, but with a low mileage of 7000 km. You can read detailed instructions on how to buy a car in Turkey for a foreigner in our article.

2 years ago we bought a car in Turkey, and since then we have not paid taxes for it. Our duty and consequences

Cost of Ownership

The three main items of regular obligatory expenses for owning a car in Turkey are OSAGO insurance, taxes and maintenance. How much does it cost?

  1. OSAGO . Two years ago, we paid about 1,100 lire (9,900 rubles at the then exchange rate) for insurance, and now it costs 1,900-2,500 lira (6,300-8,300 rubles at the current exchange rate) for a year.
  2. Maintenance. Every 10,000 km (about once every six months), the husband services the car at the official Fiat dealer in Antalya. The cost is around 1000-1500 liras (4000 rubles).
  3. Tax. And the last obligatory payment, which, by the way, we have never made before, is the payment of car ownership tax in Turkey. It is charged twice a year, and its size strongly depends on the cost of the car, its age, engine size and horsepower. On our Fiat (2020, 1.4 liter engine, 104 horsepower), we were taxed: for 2021 – 2550 lira, and for 2022 – 2704 lira.

In total, at the moment our transport tax debt in Turkey is 5256 liras.

Why didn't you pay right away? It's simple. For the past two years, the ruble exchange rate against the lira has been regularly and very significantly strengthening. If we paid tax in 2021, then the amount in rubles would be around 22,950 rubles. And today it is already 8500 rubles!!! Almost three times less.

What are the consequences of not paying taxes for a long time? None. There is a feeling that we can continue to accumulate debt until the moment we sell the car (of course, we will not do this), but in fact in Turkey, foreigners are practically not checked on the roads at all. For a couple of years, the traffic police stopped us just a couple of times, and even then they immediately let us go (even without checking documents) when they saw that a foreigner was driving, and not in the tooth with a foot in Turkish)

True, recently, cases of checking foreigners for the legality of driving a car with Russian rights have become more frequent (they punch the date of entry into Turkey). That is why a month ago my husband finally exchanged his Russian driving license for a Turkish one.

2 years ago we bought a car in Turkey and we haven't paid taxes on it ever since. Our debt and consequences

See your back taxes and fines in Turkey you can through the e-Devlet app. If you have questions on this topic, then write them in the comments, we will try to answer everything.

Thanks for your attention , your Mom on the Sea.

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