Turkey may launch “ticket cards” instead of “MIR” cards

Turkey may launch a special “ticket card” for Russian tourists to pay for services in restaurants, shops and entertainment facilities.

< img title="Turkey may launch 'ticket cards' instead of 'MIR' cards" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/turcija-mozhet-zapustit-biletnye-karty-vmesto-kart-mir-51c3aec.jpg" alt="Turkey may launch 'ticket cards' instead of 'MIR' cards ;" />

It is assumed that such a card can be purchased by tourists when buying tour packages. In turn, tour operators will direct the funds spent by the Russians to the necessary establishments. This is reported by TASS with reference to a columnist of the Sabah newspaper.

This measure can become an alternative to Russian cards of the MIR payment system, which Turkish banks stop servicing due to sanctions from the US and the EU.


However, there is no exact decision yet, what exactly will become an alternative to the Russian payment system “MIR” in the resorts of Turkey. Russians are advised to come to Turkey with cash.

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