Turkey in March: blooming gardens instead of snow

There are situations when an airplane turns into a time machine: two or three hours of travel – and you are a month closer to summer. Of course, March in Turkey is not suitable for beaches, they still wear jackets and go skiing. But the mountains with snow are somewhere far away, and on the way to the hotel you can only see the greenery and the blossoming of orange trees, and the air smells as great as it can smell only in the midst of spring.

About why March &ndash ; a great time to travel with a child to Turkey, and how to fill a family vacation, the Kidpassage review will tell.

Turkey in March: blooming gardens instead of snow

Holidays in Turkey in March: pros and cons

It is very interesting to read reviews about holidays in Turkey in March. In almost all, the story begins with wonder that the low season can be so pleasant, and ends with heated arguments in favor of the fact that the beauty of the country can only be seen in the spring.

There is no need to get euphoric, but there are advantagesof a trip in early spring:

  • the air temperature is probably much higher than in your hometown;
  • the sun and greenery cheer up, give vigor;
  • daylight hours lengthen, there is time for long walks;
  • the weather favors excursions – you will not freeze and will not be exhausted from the heat;
  • there are still very few people in the resorts;
  • prices – the lowest of the year.

Cons Turkey in March should also be paid attention to, because it may not be available exactly what tourists value this destination for.

Firstly, the beach season will not start soon . If you take bathing suits, then for relaxing in thermal resorts and spa centers.

Secondly, many hotels do not work at full capacity. It is possible that the kids club will be closed, the children's menu will be limited, there may be construction work on the territory.

Thirdly, the number of family entertainments is limited, because water parks will open only in May. 

If you want to relax – it's not just beaches and all inclusive, you'll love the choice of options for where to relax in Turkey in March. But first – about the weather in different regions.

The weather in Turkey in March

Contrary to expectations, the weather in March-April at the resorts is not yet summer. But the early Turkish spring is still unusually pleasant. The days are mostly sunny, it rains much less frequently than in winter, after which the air becomes fresher, and the greenery – more magnificent.

The weather in early March does not promise either frost or significant cold. It is still chilly in Istanbul, and on the coast you can even catch a day for a beach bliss. Even in the mountains, where the ski season continues, the temperature goes into the positive range.

The weather in Turkey at the end of March becomes even more favorable for travel. This is especially felt on the south coast, where the sun really warms. But on excursions around Istanbul, warm clothes will still come in handy, although there are also hot days.

For a trip to Turkey in March, you will have to pack a variety of luggage with your child. It is best if the clothes can be combined to adapt to both warm and cool weather.

Air and water temperature

In the favorable climate of Turkey, March – it's time for gardens to bloom. Almonds bloom at the end of winter, and then orange trees join it, and at the same time ripe fruits hang on them. This is not surprising: just look at the weather data.

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  Day t Night t t water
Istanbul +12.1°C +8.9°C +8.5°C
Antalya +17.1° ;C +10.7°C +17.0°C
Alanya +17.2°C +14.7°C +17.2°C
Bodrum +16.2°C +12.9°C +16.6°C
Marmaris +16.7°C +9.6°C; C +16.7°C
Uludag +12.9°C +5.6°C

Daytime air temperature in Turkey in March depends on the region. In Istanbul and Uludag it fluctuates from +4-7°С to +15-18°С, in seaside resorts – from +10° up to +20°С. The average night temperature is +6-15°C, in the mountains it can get cold to zero.

The water temperature in Turkey in March does not exceed +17°C, and it practically does not change in March.

Can I swim

Turkey in March: blooming gardens instead of snow

Swimming in Turkey in March – a challenge for the most daring and impatient. The water is still cold even in Alanya, where heat sets in the fastest. The best you can count on, – this is a sea warmed up to +18°C.

Usually, travelers relax near indoor pools in hotels. But before the trip, you need to clarify whether there will be a place to swim in March: hotels use the low season for renovations.

Beach holidays

It is hardly possible to call a March holiday on the Mediterranean Sea a beach holiday. One day it will be so warm that you want to strip down to a T-shirt, the next and the jacket will not seem superfluous. But even walking in sunny weather by the sea is pleasant and useful. And if suddenly you are lucky and summer will give out a few days in advance, soak up the sun on the shore.

The beaches at this time are not yet ready to receive guests. There are no sun loungers, it is better to bring a mat or a towel. Sunscreen required – tan quickly sticks to the skin.

Where to go in Turkey in March to improve your health and relax? Here are some popular resorts that are not similar to each other.


Turkey in March: blooming gardens instead of snow

People want to go to Antalya because the international airport is located very close to the resort. And the choice of family hotels pleases. An additional plus of rest in early spring – good excursion.

Already in early March, the resort is quite warm: + 13-18 ° C during the day and + 8-13 ° C at night. During the month, both a slight cooling and an increase in temperature up to + 20-22 ° C are possible. The days are mostly clear, it rains 3-4 times a month. The average wind speed is 3 m/s. The sea temperature is +16-17°C.

Antalya has sandy beaches, but pebble ones predominate. Everything is still closed in March, only water activities appear closer to summer.

But there are other options for family entertainment. Aktur Park rides work all year round, bizarre sand compositions rise in the Sandland complex, in the oceanarium behind glass & nbsp; mysterious fish swim.

Yes, and the city itself is interesting for travelers, because it has preserved buildings from different times, among them the ancient Hadrian's Gate. Children are more interested in seeing old buildings if they nibble on a traditional Turkish bagel or lahmacun bread along the way.

On the territory of the hotels, it seems that there is a season of the year, because everything is blooming and fragrant. There are playgrounds for children, and in some places there may already be mini-clubs.

There are many different hotels in Antalya. At the beginning of spring, you can settle not only by the sea, but also closer to the main attractions.

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In March, it is not always possible to choose whether to fly to Gazipasa Airport, which is near Alanya, or buy a ticket to Antalya, and then drive three hours to the place of rest. But this does not prevent tourists from loving Alanya – for peace, affordable prices and pleasant weather.

By mid-March, the air in the resort warms up to + 15-18 ° C, although sometimes it gets cold for a while. The night temperature is only 2-3°C lower than the daytime one. During the month, the weather does not change significantly. There are much more sunny days than gloomy ones, infrequent rains enliven nature. The average wind speed is 2.9 m/s. The sea warms up to +17-18°C.

Many beaches of the resort and nearby villages are rocky platforms. But the main beach of Alanya – two-kilometer Cleopatra beach – covered with sand.

Even if the weather is not conducive to lying by the sea, it is worth visiting, because Damlatas cave is located right on the shore. And nearby is the cable car station leading to the ancient fortress.

There are not enough children's entertainments in Alanya, and in March they are not available, but it is easy to go to Belek – the impressive amusement park The Land of Legends operates there.

During the holidays, many travelers prefer to rent accommodation at the resort. At the same time, there are family hotels in Alanya, the concept of “all inclusive” also presented.

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The windy weather on the Aegean is not to everyone's liking. But with the advent of spring, the wind carries warmth, and you can choose the resort of Bodrum – a city standing on the site of ancient Halicarnassus.

In March, the thermometers at the resort show +13-18°C during the day and +6-13°C at night. Clear weather lasts two-thirds of the month, it rains a little more often than in the Mediterranean. The wind is blowing at a speed of 5.3 m/s. The water temperature does not exceed +16-17°C.

The shore in Bodrum is covered with pebbles, but there are many sandy beaches in neighboring resort villages. They are hidden in the bays, so the wind is not felt as much.

Since the beginning of spring does not contribute much to a beach holiday, time is usually devoted to excursions. The main monuments of Bodrum – Halicarnassus Mausoleum and Fortress of St. Peter. Children will wish to linger in the museum of underwater archeology.

There are few family hotels in the city itself, you need to look for them in Bitez, Torba, Turgutreis. In the spring it is convenient to rent an apartment and not be tied to the first coastline.

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Marmaris has the glory of a youth resort. But this does not prevent parents with children from enjoying this place at all. Until noisy companies pour in here, you can take a walk around the town and travel around the nearest sights.

In March, the resort can have both +13-15°C and +18-20°C. At night the temperature drops to +5-12°C. Fine days prevail, but still a few good rains pass during the month. The average wind speed is 3.4 m/s. The water temperature is kept at +16-17°C.

The beaches of Marmaris are bulky, and in March they can still look unsightly. More precisely, sunbathing on them is not very pleasant, but this does not interfere with walking. A promenade lined with palm trees stretches along the sea – the longest in Turkey.

In March, the water park is still closed, water activities are closed, so you need to switch to excursions. Within walking distance is the fortress and the archaeological park. A trip to ancient Knidos or a trip along the Dalyan River will take a whole day.

Quiet respectable hotels are not located in Marmaris, but in Siteler and Icmeler. Turunc attracts with a favorable microclimate and affordable housing.

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Ski holidays

At the end of March, the mountain resort of Uludag will close the season, but at the beginning of the month it is still possible To ski. Skiing is accompanied by picturesque landscapes, good hotels and well-thought-out tourist infrastructure.

The weather forecast for the first month of spring bears little resemblance to what is needed for skiing. During the day on thermometers + 6-12 ° C, at night from 0 ° C to + 10 ° C. But this is at the foot, and it is still quite cold in the mountains, and the snow cover is periodically updated.

The ski area in Uludag lies at an altitude of 1750 – 2543 m. Most of the slopes are designed for experienced skiers, beginners have 10 km of easy slopes. The area is served by 16 lifts. The resort is divided into an old and a new part, with ski buses running between them.

There is a ski school for training beginners, you can also study individually with instructors at hotels. The resort has equipment rental points.

The leisure program is still modest. The resort has cross-country skiing trails, and you can sign up for mountain hikes and snowmobile excursions.

The path to the resort lies through Bursa, and many tourists spend time in this old city. If you only have a few hours to spare, a sightseeing bus tour is suitable, the program of which includes a visit to the mausoleum of Sultan Mehmed I and the medieval area of ​​Muradiye.

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Excursion rest

It is still difficult to travel light in March, for excursions you will have to take warm clothes and reliable shoes. However, you will be comfortable enough on your trip to look at the palaces of Istanbul or the ancient ruins on the Mediterranean Sea.

The most diverse program, of course, awaits the guests of Istanbul. Whether you come for two days or a week, there will not be a minute left for boredom. It is only important to plan the route correctly, because many attractions are located at a considerable distance from each other.

Symbols of Istanbul – Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia – located in the Sultanahmet area. This is a historical area, taken under the protection of UNESCO. It is also worth finding the mysterious cistern Basilica – an underground reservoir decorated with columns of various shapes.

The museum program may also be interesting. Polytechnic Museum. Rahmi Kocha is dedicated to the development of science and technology. A serious museum of Turkish and Islamic art surprises with the splendor of carpets, figures of the Karagöz theater and scenes recreating traditional life. Many new things can be learned in the maritime and military museums. And, of course, the toy museum will turn out to be the most childish: ask before your visit when puppet shows take place there.

The largest number of attractions is concentrated in the park “Miniaturk”. This is an exhibition of small copies of the famous buildings of Turkey, including those that existed in antiquity.

During your holiday at sea, you can also plan excursions. This and a visit to the ancient cities – Side, Perge, Phaselis, Knidos, and trips to natural attractions – mountains, waterfalls, river canyons. Let us add that in March the Mangavgat, Upper and Lower Duden waterfalls are already very beautiful.

Entertainment for children

We have already mentioned a little about what you can do with a child at seaside resorts. And if you are going to Istanbul, then you will have something to add to the excursions – and it will please not only younger tourists.

One of the most impressive places in the city – Aquarium Sea Life. It is inhabited by 10 thousand marine inhabitants. To “swim” along with them, you need to stand on an 80-meter moving walkway that goes through an underwater tunnel. Visitors over the age of 14 are invited to dive in the shark aquarium.

An experience of a different kind awaits you in the snowy town of Snowpark. Not everyone wants to get into winter again, but if you love sledding and skiing, put on warm clothes (you will be provided) and have fun on the snow slides.

The large Isfanbul amusement park is also open in March, although not everyday. There are many attractions on its territory, there is also a children's corner with playgrounds and swings-carousels.

Well, if you are not lucky with the weather, you can move to the city of professions “KidZania”. He is able to captivate both preschoolers and those who are already in school. Parents do not have to accompany the children, so while the younger ones are immersed in the game, the older ones can devote time to themselves.

Holidays, events and festivals

The main holiday in Turkey in March – nowruz. It is mistakenly considered a Muslim holiday, but in fact it is characteristic of the Iranian and Turkic peoples.

Navruz is celebrated on March 21st. Its name literally translates as “new day”, it symbolizes the beginning of spring, and in some countries – and the advent of the new year.

Turkey celebrates the new year on January 1, but even here they believe that a rich treat should be prepared for Navruz. Moreover, it is pleasant to decorate the house with things that symbolize well-being, health and good luck. Among them – germinated barley, wine, bread, money.

In addition to home celebrations, fireworks and various entertainment events are held in cities.

Rest prices

Prices in Turkey in March still correspond to the low season, but an upward trend is already emerging. It will manifest itself more strongly in April, but for now you can enjoy an inexpensive vacation.

Air tickets

The price of a flight to Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman remains at the February level or increases slightly. Since April, prices have been rising: the increase is from 2 to 7%.


The more tourists are tempted by the warm March weather, the more expensive housing becomes. In Istanbul, the cost increases by 10-12%, in the resorts of the Aegean Sea, the change can reach 10-15%. On the Mediterranean coast, holidays practically do not rise in price.

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A package holiday in Turkey in March costs 10-12% more than in February. The rise in prices begins in the second half of the month. In April, the cost will rise by the same amount.


Despite the fact that the concept of “all inclusive” popular in Turkey and loved by tourists, not everyone wants to become attached to food in hotels. The Turkish catering system, prices in shops and markets make it easy to organize meals, including for a child.

While establishments in the tourist area are not open, you can have breakfast for 10-15 liras or dine in an inexpensive restaurant for local residents for 30 liras. Street food should not be avoided: restaurants do not serve dener kebabs or mussels stuffed with rice, and these traditional dishes can be bought at a street stall for 5-7 liras.

There is no off-season in the markets at all. Oranges (3-5 liras per 1 kg), strawberries (8-10 liras), apples (5 liras), bananas (8 liras) are sold everywhere. Vegetables cost from 2-3 liras (potatoes, carrots, tomatoes) to 6-8 liras (bell peppers, eggplants).

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In terms of shopping, Turkey is surprisingly diverse. You can buy inexpensive jeans or a locally produced bathrobe on the market, or you can go to the boutiques of luxury European brands.

Cotton home textile – this is always a good purchase, for which it is not necessary to go to the store. We recommend buying high-quality shoes, fur products, jewelry only in branded stores.

According to reviews about holidays in Turkey in March, sales can still be found at the beginning of the month. Prices at this time are incredibly low, but the choice is small.

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Recommendations for traveling with children

In general terms, the holiday plan in Turkey in March with children looks like this: walk a lot, catch the sun, enjoy strawberries, sometimes go on excursions, use the available entertainment. To take your mind off your worries, check out our tips.

  1. Pack your luggage so that you can dress lighter or warmer depending on the weather. Three-layer clothing is most convenient, for example, a T-shirt + sweater + demi-season jacket. You won’t need a warm hat, but you need to take a light one.
  2. To relax in Istanbul, you need enough warm shoes, you should also take light sneakers or shoes to seaside resorts.
  3. It is advisable to regularly use sunscreen even on cloudy days. In March, SPF 15-20 is enough.
  4. The number of SARS increases during the off-season, so you should take antipyretics, cold and cough medicines with you.

Road collection first aid kits – This is generally an important matter before any trip. Read KidPassage's article on what medicines to take on a trip with a child, and you will have everything you need hassle-free.


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