Travel Through the Best Vineyards in Chile

Travel Through the Best Vineyards in Chile

The Chilean vineyards offer their visitors tastings and tours through the beautiful country countryside. (Photo via Rostislav_Sedlacek/iStock/Getty Images Plus).

Chile is recognized worldwide for the high quality of its wines that it has produced in series since the 19th century thanks to a commercial agreement with vineyards in France and the United States. The international markets have rewarded wines produced with Cabernet grapes, mainly, which has allowed Chile to be the first exporter of wines in America and one of the leading in the world.

The areas where the most iconic vineyards of this South American country are located are: Maipo, Maule, Curicó, Rapea, Cachapoal, Itata, Niobio, Aconcagua, Marga-Marga, San Antonio, Colchagua and Casablanca.

Due to the pandemic, in the last two years, visits to the vineyards have been restricted, however, the activities are beginning to return to normal, with sanitation measures, so that tourists can again tour recognized vineyards and enjoy the Chilean countryside.

Travel Through the Best Vineyards in Chile

Tours of the different vineyards of Chile include tastings and pairings with cheeses and the gastronomy of the country. (Photo via ah_fotobox / iStock / Getty Images Plus).

These are five of the most important vineyards in Chile that every wine lover should know:

Viña Concha y Toro

Located in the Maipo Valley, this company is one of the most famous in the world for being the producer of the emblematic Casillero del Diablo wines and has a presence in more than 130 countries. All tours include a gift cup for visitors and are divided into different experiences ranging from the traditional three-cup tasting tour to the seven-cup tour and the Aroma Experience tour where six glasses are tasted and taught to recognize aromas and identify flavors.

The tours are made through the summer residence of the Concha y Toro family along with beautiful gardens and the different depots. The tour can be combined with a tasting of four varieties of the Marqués de Casa Concha line, guided by a sommelier and accompanied by a fine collection of cheeses. The tasting of seven wines includes varieties of Ultra Premium lines and the tasting of eight wines is carried out in a Cellar Collection tour that has the most prestigious and recognized terroirs of Viña Concha y Toro in which visitors can taste exceptional wines of limited editions.

Viña San Pedro

Located in the Cachapoal Valley, this is one of the oldest and most important vineyards in the country where visitors can get to know its famous wineries on family tours where tastings with pairings are offered including a wide variety of cheeses and typical dishes of Chilean gastronomy.

The tour includes a gourmet roast and pairing it with Cabo de Hornos wine. Visitors can also experience personalized and exclusive experiences, take excursions in the countryside or visit the modern winery and enjoy a barbecue in the quincha (palm roof) of the winery. Tourists can also take bike rides along beautiful trails to admire the biodiversity of the place.

Travel Through the Best Vineyards in Chile

Visits to Chilean vineyards include tours around the underground factory cellars. (Photo via CoppiBartali/iStock/Getty Images Plus).

Donoso Group

Located in the Maule Valley, this vineyard has greatly developed its ecotourism area so that visitors know the secrets of wine and enjoy the nature of the place. Its facilities have a wine bar for meetings of up to 200 people to hold corporate events, family meetings, holidays, birthdays, etc.

Hundreds of visitors come every year to enjoy guided tours of the vineyard and production areas, enology experiences, picnics, and wine tastings, among other activities. Also, in Donoso, couples can celebrate their marriage in the manor house La Oriental in Talca, located in a fabulous natural environment and with world-class service offers.

Viña Errázuriz

Located in the Aconcagua Valley, it produces some of the most award-winning wines in the world. The tour begins with a conversation about the Errázuriz Vine and its role in the development of the wine industry in Chile and the world. The visit includes tours to the underground winery and vineyards while addressing issues of viticulture, weather conditions, and management of the different varieties.

Tourists can also visit the Icono Winery and know about its sustainability, based on both its design and operational aspects, to produce the emblematic wines of Viña Errázuriz. The tour is completed with the tasting of three wines: Max, Aconcagua Costa, and Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve.

Viña Cousiño Macul

This vineyard is located in the Maipo Valley and is the only one in Chile established during the 19th century that still belongs to the founding family. The traditional tour includes three tasting glasses and is carried out walking together with a private guide that takes the visitor to know historical places of Viña Cousiño Macul.

Travel Through the Best Vineyards in Chile

In addition to tours, some vineyards offer spaces to celebrate birthdays, corporate meetings, and weddings, among others.(Photo via imeme / iStock / Getty Images Plus).

A highly recommended tour is the one in honor of Isadora Goyenechea, one of the founders of the company, where the visitor knows its history through various historical places. Tourists can also enjoy bike tours to know the vineyard and emblematic sites of Vina Cousiño Macul with an explanation of the history of wines. Tours of this place guarantee a personalized experience for those who seek to know more about pairing and wine.

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