Tourist flow from Russia to Turkey almost halved in March

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey has published statistics on the inbound tourist flow to the country for March 2022.

In March, the flow of tourists from Russia to Turkey almost halved

So, in March of this year, 114 tourists arrived in Turkey 384 tourists from Russia, which is 52% of the figure for March last year – 219,458 tourists. In addition, the share of the Russian Federation in the total foreign tourist flow to Turkey fell from 24.24% to 10.91%. At the same time, the total volume of foreign tourist traffic more than doubled (2,079,565 arrivals in March 2022 against 905,323 tourist arrivals in March 2021). This was reported by ATOR.

TOP-5 countries in terms of inbound tourism in Turkey were distributed in March as follows:

  • Iran (274,815 tourists);
  • Germany (187,185);
  • Bulgaria (169,640);
  • Russia (114,384);
  • United Kingdom (87,349).

Istanbul has become the most popular among Russian tourists. The city was visited by 79% of Russians (90,394 out of 113,384). 20.8% of Russians (23,716) rested in Antalya, which is two times less than in March last year.

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