Tourist charters will fly to Tobolsk and Vladivostok

On May 18, 2022, Head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova, speaking at the Government Hour in the State Duma, announced the launch of new charter programs in Russia.

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The geography of tourist charters of the tour operator FUN&SUN (former TUI Russia) has been replenished with new destinations. So, to the declared charter chains to the Far East: to Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Baikal (to Buryatia), a new direction will be added – Primorsky Krai. And the Siberian collection of charter programs was supplemented by a chain from St. Petersburg to Tobolsk.

The programs are organized by the tour operator with the support of the Federal Agency for Tourism and the governments of the Primorsky Territory and the Tyumen Region.

Tours to Primorsky Krai

Charters from Moscow to Vladivostok will start flying from July 20 weekly until the end of August on Wednesdays. The flight program will be carried out on the wings of Smartavia.

Primorsky Krai is pristine nature, a habitat for unique animals – Amur tigers and leopards, an opportunity to go to picturesque islands, enjoy sea delicacies, and see the Vladivostok fortress. And do not forget that Vladivostok is located at the latitudes of Sochi, which means that you can take a break in a series of excursions to devote a few days to relaxing on the beach.

So that tourists can choose the right one for themselves in terms of price and saturation programs are a tour option, they are presented in three formats “Light”, “Standard” and “Maxi”, which are the number of excursions included. Guests will traditionally have the opportunity to purchase additional excursions if they have more to see than the program suggests.

In Vladivostok, as part of charter programs, tourists will be able to get acquainted with the city and the most popular sights of the Primorsky Territory – they will visit the Russky and Furugelm Islands, visit the Primorsky Oceanarium, go on a boat trip, get acquainted with the inhabitants of the Primorsky safari park and walk along the leopard trail in the National Park ” Land of the leopard.

The cost of a voucher for 8 days/7 nights from 48 thousand rubles per person includes a charter flight, accommodation, transfers and excursions according to the program, that is, a complete turnkey tourist package.

Detailed information about the FUN&SUN programs in Primorsky the region is available at

From St. Petersburg to the first capital of Siberia

A month earlier than Vladivostok, 23 FUN&SUN tour operator's charter program between St. Petersburg and Tobolsk, the first capital of Siberia, starts on June 10.

Flights will be operated until July 8 with a frequency of 1 time in 4 days on the wings of Smartavia.

“It is symbolic that charter flights from St. Petersburg to Tobolsk will be launched in the year of the celebration of the anniversary of the great reformer Peter I. The emperor made a great contribution to the development of both cities. Under his patronage, a pearl of architecture appeared in the ancient capital of Siberia – the Tobolsk Kremlin. Today, this city attracts more and more tourists who want to see the amazing Siberian landscapes, get acquainted with architectural monuments, recharge with vivid emotions and find out what role this city played in the history of the whole country,” said Maria Trofimova, director of the consumer market and tourism department of the Tyumen region.< /p>

In Tobolsk, tourists are waiting for excursions with visits to the main sights of the city.

So, in the tour package “Hello, Siberia!” educational walks around the city and the territory of the Kremlin are included. History buffs will be offered the Romanovs in Siberia and Ancient Capital of Siberia tours, where they can get to know Tobolsk better, visit museums, follow the imperial route, master folk crafts and visit the Tobol theme park, in the scenery of which the filming of the eponymous film took place. large-scale drama.

To feel the real cordiality and generosity of Siberians offers the excursion program “Hospitable Siberia” with a trip to Tyumen. In the first Russian city of Siberia, guests can stroll along the embankment, see merchant estates, taste the delicacies of the original Siberian cuisine and, of course, swim in the healing thermal springs.

In addition, tourists, if they wish, will be able to attend events that will take place during their stay in the first capital of Siberia: celebrate the day of the city of Tobolsk, attend the Festival of Folk Crafts, as well as watch performances as part of the Theater of Nations FEST and become part of the festival Summer in the Tobolsk Kremlin. For the last two events, travelers who purchase tours will receive tickets as a gift.

It is noteworthy that the chain will also work for tourists from the Tyumen region, who will be able to take advantage of the charter program to visit St. Petersburg.

Siberians in the city on the city on the Neva are waiting for the famous white nights with bridges, romantic boat trips along the rivers and canals of the city and, of course, the world-famous St. Petersburg classics – the Winter Palace, the Russian Museum, the Summer Garden, palaces, embankments and suburbs.

“We look forward to showing guests from the Tyumen region the unique hospitality of St. Petersburg. The charter program will make traveling to the Northern capital convenient, thoughtful, interesting and more accessible. As part of the tour, Siberians will be able to see not only the classic sights of the city on the Neva, but also get acquainted with the objects of the “new cultural and tourist geography of St. Petersburg”, make sightseeing tours, as well as get acquainted with the magnificent palace and park ensembles of Pavlovsk and Tsarskoe Selo, see the famous Peterhof fountains “, – commented the Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Tourism of St. Petersburg Sergey Korneev.

For traveling from St. Petersburg to Tobolsk, the cost of a turnkey tour package for 4 days/3 nights with flights, accommodation, transfers and excursions according to the program, start from 28.3 thousand rubles per person. The cost of tours from Tobolsk to St. Petersburg is from 27.2 thousand rubles per person.

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