Tourism in Turkey is adjusting to a new reality: medicine, shopping, bank cards…

Classic tourist trips to Turkey from Russia, when people went just for the sea, nature and all-inclusive hotels, now feel like a thing of the past. Or rather, they change significantly. Due to the sanctions imposed on our country, Russians are now going abroad not just to relax, but to combine business with pleasure

Tourism in Turkey is adjusting to a new reality: medicine, shopping , bank cards…

Types of tourism on the rise

One of the most recent trends is “card tourism“. Many citizens of the Russian Federation suffered due to the departure of the Visa and Master Card payment systems, as they lost the opportunity to pay for goods and services on the Internet with cards (when shopping on foreign resources), as well as freely travel and travel on business to countries where there is no system yet. PEACE. Therefore, many people have now begun to fly to neighboring countries, such as Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and others, in order to get a bank card.

 Tourism in Turkey is adapting to a new reality: medicine, shopping, bank cards…

So Turkey also decided to participate in this. We already have a bank in Antalya, which said that it is ready to open accounts for Russian citizens without a residence permit, and now they even plan to launch “excursions” from hotels to issue bank cards.

Demand creates supply, as they say!

What other tourism will be popular among Russians

First of all, it's shopping! Taking into account the fact that Russian shopping centers were left without a significant share of foreign brands, it's just wrong to come to Turkey and not go “buy clothes” – it's just wrong) Moreover, local shopping centers have also already made a fuss and provide tourists with a free transfer from hotels.

 Tourism in Turkey is adapting to a new reality: medicine, shopping, bank cards…

In addition, the exchange rate of the ruble against the lira is again returning to a pleasant mark in the region of 6.5 rubles per 1 Turkish lira. So there is no need to bring dollars with you. The main thing is not to forget to draw up a MIR card before the trip.

Secondly, these are medicines! Or maybe even medicines – this is the first thing. As far as I know, in Russia there is a shortage of some medicines now, and prices have risen very much. Many of my acquaintances are now trying to send medicines to their friends and relatives in the Russian Federation, but they cannot do this, since it is forbidden to send medicines by mail in Turkey.

So going to the pharmacy will be another must-do while on holiday in Turkey in 2022.

Last, this is medical tourism in general! Already now this direction in Turkey is VERY well developed and is very popular among Russians. Well, in the current conditions it will become even more popular. They come to do everything – whiten their teeth, correct the figure, cut off/sew on unnecessary, etc. I myself plan to go to Istanbul in early April for one cosmetic surgery. Then I'll tell you…

In general, if you are going to rest in Turkey in the near future, then be sure to think about how you can get the most out of this trips. There are many options.

Thank you for your attention, your Mother at the Sea.

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