Tour operator: there are no complaints from tourists in Greece

In Greece, cases of aggression and discrimination against Russian tourists have been recorded, director of the Fourth European Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Yuri Pilipson said in an interview with TASS.

< p>Tour operator: there are no complaints from tourists in Greece

There were cases of beatings, including children, after the attacks, the victims required hospitalization. Greek banks often freely interpret the illegal restrictive measures introduced by the European Union, block the accounts of Russians on a national basis“, – he said, adding that the Russian diplomatic mission in Greece daily receives complaints from Russians due to violations of their legitimate rights and interests, the information is transferred to “Russian law enforcement structures.”

However, as the press service of the tour operator TEZ TOUR told the TRN portal, despite the statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry that Greece is no longer a safe country for Russian citizens to relax, it continues to receive our compatriots.

According to the information Managing Director of TEZ TOUR Greece Dimitris Charitidis, the company did not record a single complaint from customers on the grounds of Russophobia. “Greece has been and remains one of the most hospitable and friendly countries in relation to both Russians and guests of any other nationalities. Our peoples have been bound by close ties of friendship for more than a millennium. Government actions taken under the directives of the EU and NATO, of which the country is a member, do not affect the perception of the situation and the behavior of the population itself. According to national and international polls, almost 70% of Greek citizens have a good attitude towards Russia. In addition, the Greek consulate remains one of the most loyal and continues to issue visas. Holidays in the resorts of the country remain comfortable and safe,” Mr. Haritidis commented on the situation.

At the moment, Greece is the leader among European destinations in terms of the number of bookings for the summer season 2022 in TEZ TOUR. Tours to the resorts of the country are available with air travel on regular flights of foreign air carriers with 1 connection. The cost of a full package per person starts from 77,200 rubles for accommodation in a 3* hotel without meals in Crete.

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