The Russians called the main component of the perfect vacation, an analytical center for the travel and travel service, found out what Russians consider the most important thing in an ideal vacation. 2,145 people took part in the survey, which took place on the service website.

Russians named the main component of an ideal vacation

Travelers named money as the main component of an ideal vacation: 23% of respondents want everything to be of the highest standard. The second most popular answer is the sea, the sun and the beach. This is the most important criterion for 18% of respondents. The same number of travelers said that the main thing for them is a good company.

It is important for 11% of travelers that the travel itinerary be non-ballistic. The same number believe that beautiful natural attractions are a must for a perfect vacation. For 5%, a quality hotel is very important, and for 3%, delicious food.

Interestingly, only 2% of respondents named good Internet as the main conditions for an ideal vacation. Apparently, digital detox is becoming very popular. Another 9% of respondents apparently believe that the most important criterion for an ideal vacation is the ability to completely forget about work. It is important for them that colleagues do not pull during the rest.

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