The ruble is strengthening and the lira is falling. Friends came up with a “scheme” how to have a cheap vacation in Turkey!

In the difficult summer holiday season of 2022 for Turkey, the owners of five-star hotels in Antalya did not increase accommodation prices for Russian tourists by more than 10% – despite that annual inflation in Turkey has reached 70%.

I read this news last week!

< p class="article-render__block article-render__block_unstyled" data-points="2">And now for the fun part…

Just a couple of days ago, my friends flew to Antalya and checked into an all-inclusive hotel in Kemer. They flew in without a ticket and they say that it turns out MUCH more profitable this way. Here is a brief summary of their “scheme”.

How you can have a cheap holiday in Turkey now

The statement that Turkish hotels have raised prices by 10 percent this year is true, but not for all hotels. Some have risen in price much more strongly, and some have really remained almost at the level of the previous year. And it's in currency!

Prices in lira have also increased, but taking into account the fact that the lira has been falling against the dollar lately, and the ruble has been strengthening strongly, it has become very profitable to book hotels in Turkey (even more profitable than last year).

This is how people do it:

They buy dollars through the Tinkoff exchange at 63 rubles per dollar! Then they transfer them to their bank account in Turkey (whoever has one). And already here they withdraw money and book hotels on their own through local websites.

The dollar exchange rate on the stock exchange. You can buy without any fees

For those who do not have an account in a Turkish bank, there is an opportunity to transfer money to themselves in Turkey through the Zolotaya Korona system at almost the same rate. This is much more profitable than buying dollars in a Russian bank.

To make sure that such a scheme will be beneficial for you, you need :

1. Buy a cheap flight ticket to Turkey at. New options appear there literally every week, and flight prices also continue to fall. Even from regions! For example, from Novosibirsk to Antalya in June it is already possible to fly for 12.9 thousand, and the Turkish national carrier Turkish Airlines has opened flights from St. Petersburg to Bodrum since May 13. In general, you need to regularly monitor to catch a good option. A ticket can be bought with a ruble card, even if the payment goes to foreign airlines.

2. Check the exchange rate of rubles to dollars in the Zolotaya Korona system. For example, on May 18, 2022, it is 66.94 rubles per dollar! There are no fees upon receipt.

3. Find the right hotel for you on Turkish booking sites. There are good options! Friends, for example, are now resting at the Armas Labada hotel and are very pleased with the price/quality ratio. They wanted to stay there for a couple of days, so that later they could “check in to a normal hotel”, but decided to stay longer, because they unexpectedly liked it. We also rested in this hotel last year and I have a channel on my channel.

Armas Labada, Kemer


The ruble is strengthening against the dollar, while the lira is falling. A very strange situation in the current conditions, but, as you can see, if you get confused, you can benefit from it.

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