The government clarified the requirements for the Russian system of booking air tickets

The Government of the Russian Federation has made clarifications to the requirements that will apply to the Automated Information System for Air Carriage Processing (AIS AFP).

< img title="The government clarified the requirements for the Russian air ticket booking system" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/pravitelstvo-utochnilo-trebovanija-k-rossijskoj-sisteme-bronirovanija-aviabiletov-f85a8e2.jpg" alt=" The government clarified the requirements for the Russian system for booking air tickets" />

Mikhail Mishustin. They will come into effect on October 30, 2022. We are talking about protecting the system from possible sanctions from unfriendly states and the security of personal data of Russians booking tickets for domestic flights”, according to the website of the Government of Russia.

Exclusive rights to the system must belong either state or organization, among the founders and leaders of which there are no foreigners or Russians with dual citizenship. In addition, the automated system and all its elements should not have the functions of forced updating and management from abroad. In addition, warranty service will have to be carried out only by Russian organizations, and the entire system infrastructure will have to be located on the territory of the country.

systems will impose restrictions on their use.

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