Organized tours launched in North Ossetia for the first time

Rostourism together with Intourist launched the first organized tours to North Ossetia.

Organized tours launched for the first time in North Ossetia< /p>

The ticket includes flights, accommodation and excursions. Planes with tourists will fly from Moscow to Vladikavkaz on Thursdays and Sundays. When booking a tour, the traveler can choose any duration of the trip.

“In late September – early October, the weather in Ossetia is warm in summer. Tourists are waiting for cozy Vladikavkaz with walking routes through the historical center, picturesque gorges, mountain waterfalls, relict forests of Digoria, ancient family towers and, of course, the famous Ossetian cuisine, , – Zarina Doguzova, head of Rostourism, wrote in her Telegram channel.< /p>

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