Moving to Turkey in 2022. Simple but expensive!

No matter how hard the Turkish government tries to limit the flow of migrants to Turkey, the folk trail to this country is still not overgrown. And judging by the statistics, the number of Russians who want to move to Turkey for permanent residence is growing exponentially.

In two years, since 2020, the number of applications for a residence permit in Turkey from citizens of the Russian Federation has increased by more than 700%!

Moving to Turkey in 2022. Simple but expensive!

Run away or just move?

Contrary to the opinion that “Russians are fleeing Russia due to the current situation”, in fact, the majority moves to Turkey for completely banal reasons, no way not related to the political situation in the country.

I communicate a lot with new arrivals and have not yet seen a single person who would say that he “ran away from Russia”. Almost all those who moved this year are either IT specialists who were moved by the company (there are VERY many of them in Antalya), or people who have long planned to change their place of residence to a more comfortable one in terms of climate.

Difficulties of moving to Turkey in 2022

< p class="article-render__block article-render__block_unstyled" data-points="4">In fact, getting a residence permit in Turkey is as simple as before. It's just not possible to do this in all areas.

So, in July 2022, the most popular areas of Alanya and Antalya among the Russian-speaking population were closed for all foreign citizens! Reason: The proportion of foreigners in these areas exceeded 25% of the total number of residents. Now, for example, in Antalya in the areas of Liman, Hurma and Sarisu, it will not be possible to issue a residence permit. And few people want to live in Kepez.

The second challenge with moving is finding a place to live. Firstly, prices for long-term rentals have risen a lot, and secondly, apartment owners are afraid to sign contracts with foreigners without paying a year in advance. And these are already decent amounts, not everyone can immediately afford such significant expenses.

Now in Turkey, in particular in Antalya and Alanya, rental prices have risen so much that people are unable to renew contracts on new terms, and they cannot move anywhere (there are simply no normal options). Therefore, open conflicts between tenants and landlords became more frequent. The former want to stay, while the latter are trying in every possible way to evict them. Moreover, the law is on the side of tenants, so everything is very difficult. Lawsuits, changing locks, refrigerators flying out of the balcony and all that… , so now there is a settlement of new promising areas and cities. I know that many Russians went to look at Mirsin and the center of Alanya. Also, many are now buying property in Antalya in the Altintash area. Soon the percentage of foreigners there will also exceed 25…

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