Martinique Lifts Curfews While Preparing for Cruise Comeback

Martinique Lifts Curfews While Preparing for Cruise Comeback

Tourism activities and cultural events are resuming in Martinique. (Photo by Brian Major)

Martinique has lifted local COVID-19 curfews and will permit the resumption of evening operations for restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the Caribbean nation, said Bénédicte di Geronimo, the country’s tourism minister, in a statement Tuesday.

Beginning April 9, nightlife establishments will be permitted to remain open during late evening hours as part of Martinique’s “easing of measures to fight against the COVID epidemic,” which she said “allows tourism professionals to see light at the end of the tunnel.”

Martinique’s sanitary pass, mandatory mask requirement, capacity limits in public venues and restrictions on nautical activities will be suspended as part of the eased protocols, di Geronimo said. The curfew was lifted on April 1.

Cruise lines are “hoping for a mitigation of present protocols before confirming their return for the 2022/2023 season,” said di Geronimo. Most operators have expressed a willingness to return to Martinique and “are working in collaboration with the Martinique Tourism Authority and local jurisdictions to improve conditions of return for cruise passengers and local population,” di Geronimo said.

Martinique, an overseas region of France, hosted 556,268 land-based visitors and 257,798 cruise ship travelers in 2019; those totals fell to 312,298 land visitors and 170,399 cruise guests in 2020, according to Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) data.

“Together we will step up to the challenge of a strong resurgence,” di Geronimo. “Martinique is resilient and we can count on the exceptional support of our long-time U.S. industry partners, which are allowing us to reconnect with our American friends.”

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