“It won't be this good for a long time.” 5 reasons to return to Russia. Who wouldn't like life in Turkey?

Hello friends. I already wrote that over the past couple of years, the number of Russians who moved to Turkey for permanent residence has increased by more than 700%. But not all of them were happy with their decision, and many have either already returned to their homeland, or plan to do so “as soon as possible”.

I am the editor-in-chief of a website about life and leisure in Turkey antalyada.ru and I am often asked for advice on various issues. Someone wants to come to Antalya, and someone vice versa. And that's just about the most common reasons to “return to Russia” today and will be discussed…

1. Turkey is not the ultimate dream

Very often I hear something like this from people: “We are in Turkey only for a while, because before the well-known events we had big plans to see the world, and we want to live somewhere in Europe. So for the time being, we do not lose hope and do not abandon our previous plans. but only as a temporary option. If initially a person did not plan to live here, but had much more global plans, then it is difficult to force himself to adapt in this country.

2. Difficulties with adaptation

Many more Russians who originally planned to move to Turkey are having trouble adapting.

They mostly complain about: very poor service, lack of sane pre-school education and sports sections, “relaxation of the Turks” , language barrier, hot summer and rainy winter, etc.

Everyone has different reasons, but the fact is that there there are many people who find it very difficult to physically, psychologically or emotionally adapt in Turkey, where “everything is not like in Russia.”

3. It won't be this good for a long time

“It won't be this good for a long time.” Recently, this is probably the most frequent phrase that people say when discussing the current situation of Russians in Turkey.

Yes, now for Russian citizens living in Turkey, everything is very good: both the attitude of the local population and the exchange rate lira against the ruble, and the ease of obtaining a residence permit, and the ability to come in your car and drive without problems for two years, and much more.

BUT there are negative arguments: Russia and Turkey have never been friends for a long time, in 300 years we fought with them more than with any other country, so that the attitude is false, and this course is not for long, and in general, visas will soon cease to be issued. Rumor has it that Turkey will stop issuing tourist residence permits as early as next year…4. Fear of uncertainty

Many people are also afraid that Turkey constantly appears in the leaders of various “bad” ratings, such as “countries with the most high inflation”, “countries with the biggest population dissatisfaction”, etc.

Plus, in terms of foreign policy, Turkey is trying to sit on several chairs at the same time and in fact it is not at all clear who it will be friends with in the end.

So people are afraid to dig in here: buy real estate, send their children to local schools, so that later “bang, and go home again.”

5. Everything has become very expensive

Very briefly on this point:

Two years ago, life in Turkey could be called VERY cheap, but today prices have risen catastrophically: for real estate (both buying and renting), a communal apartment, gasoline, obtaining a residence permit (we are now in the process of obtaining a new one and have already paid more than 10,000 lira with

In general, the cost of living in Turkey has really increased significantly, especially for those who rent housing.

This is a graph of rising property prices in Turkey. It speaks for itself!

But on the other hand, this price increase is offset by the current exchange rate of the lira against the ruble, so I don’t quite agree here.

As a result, I can say that mostly people leave who did not plan to stay in Turkey to live permanently, but simply because of the new circumstances in Russia decided to change something in their lives.

The saying “it's good where we are not” does not work. It's more correct like this: “It's good where we feel good.”

Thank you for your attention, your Mother at the Sea.< /b>

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