Independent tourists flew to Turkey. Some are not for recreation! What about the prices?

Hello friends. Traditionally, the May holidays are a time of significant intensification of tourist activity in Turkey, but this year the goals for which our compatriots fly to Antalya are not limited to relaxation.

Independent tourists flew to Turkey. rest! What about the prices?

Turkey. May 2022

In early May, a large number of Russian tourists arrived in Antalya, and every day their number is only growing. For example, in our house, half of the apartments were empty in winter, and now almost all of them are occupied. Their owners have arrived! Mostly Russians and Kazakhs.

Yes, and on the city beach of Antalya, people have noticeably increased. Russian speech dominates here too)

To a large extent, all this is due to the fact that airfare from Russia to Turkey in the spring of 2022 continues to decline. How long this will last is not clear, but, for example, for June from Sochi to Antalya you can already find tickets for 7.7 thousand, and from Moscow for 15 thousand.

Independent tourists flew to Turkey. Some not for the sake of rest! What about the prices?

And the most interesting thing is that you can fly cheaper from Novosibirsk to Antalya than from Moscow!

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/samostojatelnye-turisty-poleteli-v-turciju-nekotorye-ne-radi-otdyha-chto-s-cenami-01e8e49.jpg" alt= "Independent tourists flew to Turkey. Some not for the sake of rest! What about the prices?" />

My friend in January 2022 bought Novosibirsk-Antalya-Novosibirsk tickets for 20 thousand, but after the February events they were canceled, and the money was returned to him. Now, after a sharp rise in prices, they are gradually returning to their previous values. The same route without any promotions for the summer of 2022 already costs around 25 thousand rubles. So we continue to monitor the dynamics of prices. Charters still have to contribute to this process.

If not to the hotel, then where?

Now A LOT of tourists fly to Antalya not for the all-inclusive hotels, but for independent routes. Some prefer multi-day hikes along the Lycian Way, others rent a car and drive along the sea coast from Antalya to Marmaris.

Independent tourists flew to Turkey. Some not for the sake of rest! What about the prices?

I am ashamed to admit, but we have not traveled this route for three years of living in Turkey and, moreover, having a car in our ownership. We didn’t see Patara, Kash, or Oludeniz… My friends who live in Russia have already traveled this direction several times and constantly tell me how cool it is there! It's time to end this)

Now my daughter will go on summer vacation and we'll hit the road right away! Moreover, I already know all the cool campsites and glampings where you can stay for the night inexpensively and very comfortably. Moscow friends told)

To Antalya for exploration!

And recently, many Russians have been coming to Antalya not for the purpose of recreation, but for the purpose of “testing the ground for moving.” I have personally met many.

People are interested in the possibility of obtaining a residence permit, buying an apartment for citizenship, moving their business here from Russia, or simply finding job in the specialty. Also, many people come to open a Turkish bank account and generally assess the standard of living in Antalya, look at local schools and kindergartens and stuff like that.

There are a lot of Russians who are “interested” in Turkey now, and from what they say, the prospects of remaining in Russia in the next six months or a year frighten them, to put it mildly. I hope that in fact everything is not so bad.

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