I went to Galkin's concert in Antalya. The husband thought that he would be “haited” and did not go! How did everything go

Hello friends. On July 28, 2022, Maxim Galkin came to us in Antalya with the only concert in Turkey to “beg” (as he himself joked). My friends and I went to his concert and got a lot of impressions, which I want to tell you about today.

The concert was in the evening, but it was still VERY hot

Maxim “ran into hate”

First of all, I want to say that I have always had an absolutely neutral attitude towards this artist. Even after his “escape” to Israel, he did not bother me much, and I had no negative attitude towards him.

Husband, on the other hand, has always been not very positive towards him. But not in terms of human relations, but in terms of his creativity. However, when we were given free tickets to his concert in Antalya, he was ready to “give Galkin a chance” and agreed to go with me to his performance.

BUT!When my husband saw the tickets, in which information about the concert was only in two languages: English and Ukrainian, the desire to “give Galkin a chance” quickly disappeared, and it was no longer about creativity …

Moreover, there were quite a lot of such negative reactions to this kind of provocation in Antalya. So there was a certain fear that Galkin would be hated at the concert.

How did it go

As I said, I didn’t have any expectations or fears, I just wanted to see Galkin live and then make my impression of him.

And I loved it! If earlier I was indifferent to this artist, now I even have sympathy and respect for him. Just like an artist!

He plowed the stage alone for 3 hours in 30 degree heat. He sang a lot, joked, improvised and did not give any reason for a negative attitude towards him. All the jokes were very politically correct, without any provocation whatsoever.

He joked about “his expulsion from Russia” and that he “has to beg in Turkey”, but all this was not at all negative. He cannot be suspected of any Russophobia.

In general, my friends and I, and everyone who came to the concert that evening, enjoyed his work very much. It was fun and comfortable for both Russians and Ukrainians (it felt like the audience was 50/50).

If not this “strangeness” with tickets, then, I think, there would be even more people, but there were still empty seats in the amphitheater.

You can watch the video from his concert in Antalya on my channel.

Thank you for your attention, your Mom on the Sea.

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