How much can you live in Turkey in economy mode? April 2022

In March, we turned on economy mode and now it's very hard to get out of it…

How much can you live in Turkey in economy mode? April 2022

After the well-known events in February 2022, everything became very disturbing, and bad news rained down one by one. It seemed that all our online income would simply melt away over the next month. Social media is blocked, advertisers are leaving…

But the paradox is that we got so scaredand sharply intensified their activities in all areas, which earned three times more than usual in a month. And at the same time sting all their living expenses. And now it is very difficult to get out of this state of “tightness”. Seems like this is how you spend your money. Food, education and a minimum of entertainment … Everything else is completely free: chatting with friends, the sea, mountains, etc.

How much can you live in Turkey in economy mode? April 2022

But I will probably write a separate post about “lifestyle optimization” and the formation of a personal family wealth fund. I have a lot of thoughts on this topic. Any stress is always a challenge. This is very well said:

To go beyond the comfort zone means to do something new, unusual (which causes psychological discomfort) and, through the efforts made, reach a new level of development or achieve the desired result.

That's what we're doing right now… But more on that another time.

How much can you live in Turkey in economy mode?

Well, now about how much money is now enough to live in Turkey in saving mode, but without sacrificing quality.

What does this mean:we remove paid entertainment as much as possible, for which there are free analogues (for example, instead of going to a restaurant on the weekends, we go for a picnic by the sea), we remove all harmful and expensive products from food (sauces, juices, sweets, semi-finished products, sausages, etc.) , we walk more and ride bicycles, instead of the gym – outdoor activities. Well, that's probably all. The rest is as usual.

How much can you live on in Turkey in economy mode? April 2022

In this mode, in March 2022, we spent on life in Antalya:

  • Apartment and communications: 185 electricity, 180 water, 200 aidat, 180 internet, 200 cellular;
  • Food: 500 lira fruits and vegetables from the market, 1500 lira products from the store (eggs, milk, cheeses, poultry).
  • Entertainment: 500 Lira;
  • Petrol: 600 lira;
  • Daughter sections: 550 lire;
  • Miscellaneous: 400 lire

< p class="article-render__block article-render__block_unstyled" data-points="4">Total 5000 lira! At the current exchange rate, this is about 27,000 rubles. If we had to pay rent for an apartment, it would immediately add 10,000 lira to expenses.

In general , with your apartment in Antalya, you can still live inexpensively. Especially in summer, when the sea and the surrounding nature, in principle, close all the needs for entertainment! Sea.

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