How foreigners were “set up” in Turkey: they closed the residence permit and devalued investments. July 2022

Hello friends. Today I want to talk about the most discussed news in Russian-speaking Turkey, which covered us like winter in Russia, unexpectedly and without warning)

In general, probably, many people already know that from July 1, 2022, the list of microdistricts “closed” for residence permits has been updated in Turkey. These are such neighborhoods in different cities of Turkey, where the share of foreigners has already exceeded 25% of the population living in them. And when this happens, the area, according to local law, is “closed” to foreigners. Those. it is now impossible to get a residence permit for renting an apartment (but this is not the worst thing).

The most “Russian” districts of Antalya and Alanya closed down

This time something happened that few people really believed in. In Antalya and Alanya, the most popular areas among the Russian-speaking population were banned for foreign citizens.

In Antalya:Konyaalti (Liman, Persimmon, Sarisu), Doshemalti and Muratpasha.

In Alanya: Kargicak, Mahmutlar , Kestel, Avsallar.

Moreover, the law came into force quickly and without warning. VERY many Russians who did not have time to apply for a residence permit before July 1 are now in an extremely difficult situation. Apartments for rent were found, the commission was paid to realtors, an advance and a deposit too, but the migration service does not accept documents and gives only 1 month to rent a property in another area! People are shocked.

But as I said, this is not the worst.

The scariest thing

Now to the point .

There is no exact information yet, but according to rumors, foreigners may also be banned from buying apartments in these “closed” areas of Turkey in order to obtain a residence permit there. Already, many Russians are talking about the fact that they bought apartments in Antalya before July 1, and now they are trying to register in them, but they are denied!

For the time being, everyone hopes that this is some kind of mistake and after clarifications on this law are released, newly minted property owners in the “closed” areas of Antalya and Alanya will still be allowed to apply for a residence permit. But this is not accurate.

But those who bought apartments for rent have real problems!

To outline the situation, I will simply quote one of the comments from a person who invested in Alanya real estate in order to rent it out:

Invest, invest! they said. Now nobody will need these apartments there. Almost all of Alanya is also included in this list. Now they will sell for a penny, who bought with change.

In general, the situation is not clear and sad at all. But this is Turkey. Everything is changing very quickly here. And if after some time it turns out that the local construction business is suffering heavy losses due to the outflow of foreign investors, then everything can change again. We will monitor the situation. We promptly post all the news on our website

Thank you for your attention, your Mom at the Sea.

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