From salad to dessert: which dishes are better to ignore on the buffet in order to return home in your weight

From salad to dessert: what dishes to ignore on the buffet to return home in your weight

The buffet is a source of numerous temptations: when you see a variety of salads, cakes, exotic fruits and bright cocktails, you want to try everything at once, forgetting how difficult it was to lose weight for the holidays. To return from the resort without extra pounds, it is not at all necessary to starve and deny yourself everything, but it would be nice to exclude something from the menu. Seven high-calorie dishes that are dangerous for the figure and not very healthy – in the anti-rating of “Subtleties”.

1. Salads with mayonnaise

Nutritionists advise starting lunch at a buffet with salads – but not with those that are generously flavored with mayonnaise or sour cream. On the buffet there are always ingredients for a light vegetable salad that you can mix right on your plate – cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, lettuce and other greens. And season fresh vegetables better with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice or yogurt.

2. Puree soups

Thick mashed soups are also not the best option in terms of preserving the figure: flour, butter or heavy cream are added to them. A worthy alternative is clear broths or cold vegetable soups, such as okroshka, beetroot, botvinya, tarator.” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

From salad to dessert: which dishes to ignore on the buffet to return home in your weight

3. Potatoes and pasta

Fast carbohydrates are a quick way to gain weight, so it's best to forget about french fries and pasta on vacation. Moreover, it is not difficult to find more healthy side dishes on the buffet – for example, cereals (a source of slow carbohydrates) or stewed vegetables.

4. Fatty and fried meat

Crispy fried chicken, breaded meatballs or cutlets are the enemies of a small waist: even in small portions of these mouth-watering dishes, there is too much fat and other high-calorie ingredients. A piece of meat or fish baked in the oven or grilled is much safer.

5. Weighted omelet

Almost every hotel serves an omelet for breakfast, which is topped with sausage, ham and plenty of cheese. To keep yourself in shape, it is better to opt for the classic egg and milk version or the omelet with vegetables.

6. Cakes

It is not necessary to completely give up sweets: one cake is quite possible to afford for breakfast – best of all without fatty cream. And during the day, you can eat berries and fruits as a dessert, but also within reasonable limits, because they contain a lot of natural sugar – fructose. Strong weight gain is not caused by apples, pears, oranges, watermelon, grapes, and 500 g of fruit per day is considered the optimal amount.

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7. Alcohol and soda

By abusing strong alcohol and cocktails with syrups and other additives, it is very easy to get better: for example, 100 g of whiskey contains 230 kcal, and 100 g of a cocktail contains twice as much. Sugary sodas with a lot of sugar are just as bad for the figure, so nutrition experts advise quenching your thirst with clean water. /” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

From salad before dessert: which dishes are better to ignore on the buffet in order to return home in your weight

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