Europeans are promised “all inclusive” in Turkey in winter for 20 Euros per day. Well, we'll get in too!

Hello friends. The 2022 tourist season is going extremely well for Turkey, and Turkish hotels want to ride this wave for as long as possible!

First, they announced the extension of the official season until mid-November 2022, and now they announced a SUPER offer for long-term accommodation in all-inclusive hotels during the winter period (from mid-November 2022 to mid-January 2023).

Even though this offer is aimed mainly at Europeans, we will try not to miss this opportunity too!

Winter in Alanya is like this

What is the essence of the action?

Turkish hoteliers, like real sages, try to find a grain of equal benefit in every difficult situation. And it really is always there!

“In every adversity, adversity, failure, or physical pain, there is an equal benefit.”

During the pandemic times, when there were hard lockdowns in Turkey, hotels offered to “sit them in comfortable conditions“. And this service was very popular among the residents of Antalya. And for the money it was very profitable. So instead of crashing from the lockdown, the hotels were making money!

Europeans are promised all-inclusive in Turkey in winter for 20 Euro per day. Well, we'll jump in too!

And now, when a severe energy crisis begins in Europe, which promises very harsh living conditions in the winter, Turkey offers everyone “to sit out the cold in hotels“. Moreover, the cost of vouchers is such that it turns out to be much more profitable than living in your own house and paying for heating. Turkey from November 2022 for a long stay (two months), approximately for 20 Euro per day!!! And this includes flights and meals at the hotel. Given the size of European pensions, it will indeed be much more profitable for them to sit out the cold in Turkey.

Why can Turkey afford this? Everything is simple here. The price of a cubic meter of natural gas in Germany is now around 33 liras, and in Turkey it is only 5 liras! The cost of energy is directly proportional to the cost of living. So this winter, European pensioners will most likely light up in Turkish hotels.

Spending a couple of days in a good five-star hotel is a common weekend activity for most Antalya residents in the winter. Prices in winter are always very affordable.

In winter at the Miracle 5* hotel in Antalya

From entertainment, though, only food, cocktails, SPA and evening discos, but nevertheless, it does not bother you in winter) For a couple of days, it goes straight to Hurray. Better than sitting at home in rainy cold weather.

And it's also winter in Turkey)

So since hotels have already started making such super cheap offers for Europeans, then for local they will also be available! It's like drinking) Well, I already know where to monitor them.

So we are already in anticipation of steep prices for cool hotels , starting from the second half of November 2022. As soon as we book the first such option, I will definitely write to you here on my channel.

Thank you for your attention, your Mom at the Sea.

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