Discover Puerto Rico Launches ‘Live Boricua’ Campaign

Discover Puerto Rico Launches ‘Live Boricua’ Campaign

Street dancing in Puerto Rico. (photo via Discover Puerto Rico)

Discover Puerto Rico, the island’s DMO, has launched a new brand campaign called ‘Live Boricua,’ highlighting the experiences and culture of Puerto Ricans and Puerto Rican descendants, the Boricua way.

With new advertising on social media, merchandise and otherwise, the new campaign was created on research and employed local musicians and artisans for the campaign, as well as local companies Cinetrix, Young Collective and REAKTOR to produce the campaign, including its anthem video.

Additionally, Puerto Rican influencers will be supporting the new campaign using the hashtag #LiveBoricua on social media, encouraging travelers to share their own experiences with the hashtag, too.

“The essence of Live Boricua means to ‘live like us,’ and promises a deeper and more meaningful experience for travelers,” said Jean Paul Polo, Emmy-award-winning Director of Creative Strategy for Discover Puerto Rico.

“It was incredible to work with fellow Boricuas, from renowned director Mariem Pérez Riera and award-winning still photographer Steph Segarra to my colleagues at Discover Puerto Rico and the local talent we cast as this is our moment to define what it means to experience our way of life and have it become part of the everyday vernacular outside of the Island.”

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