Costa Brava in October: quiet off-season

Spanish autumn is amazing. The combination of the clear sun with the sea air gives the autumn leaves such a bright shade that you can only see on the colorful canvases of famous artists. Pure sea distance and exquisite beaches multiply this beauty, making you forget about the hustle and bustle. One way or another, in autumn everything freezes and time seems to stop.

The roaring rain knocks down the white olives in the old grove. Fragrant oil is pressed from the last fruits in the villages. Olives and mushrooms are the main delicacies of the season.

Kidpassage in this article will focus on beach holidays in October. Is it possible to go here with children? Is the sea cold and will it be possible to swim?

Costa Brava in October : a quiet off-season

Vacation on the Costa Brava in October: the pleasure of solitude

Costa Brava in October – these are deserted beaches and mountain trails, which are already in anticipation of the ski season. The changeable and rather capricious autumn weather reduces the attractiveness of the destination for many travelers. Major cities like Barcelona and Madrid “pull” excursion streams, and the Port Aventura amusement park is for families with children. 

The advantages of rest on the coast are of great importance for those who love solitude, silence and walking:< /p>

  • off-season low prices for air travel and lodging;
  • tours and rentals are significantly reduced;
  • no stuffiness;
  • the best time for sightseeing and active recreation;
  • a beach holiday is still possible;
  • calm, cozy atmosphere.

Cons recreation is limited primarily by beach options:

  • many entertainment centers are closed;
  • museums reduce opening hours;
  • high chance of bad weather;
  • the sea is cool;
  • the closing of the beach season in the middle of the month.

Reviews of holidays on the Costa Brava in October are contradictory when it comes to assessing the weather conditions. But as for the quality of the rest, in this regard, tourists give high praise.

The weather on the Costa Brava in October

The weather in October on the coast is overshadowed by deteriorating weather conditions. The Mediterranean autumn takes its toll: the long-awaited rains have a refreshing effect on nature, but, alas, they shorten the pleasant days for tourists. November already has so much rainfall, making it one of the wettest months of the year.

From year to year, October begins in different ways: sometimes with slightly cloudy dry days, sometimes overcast and day or night rain.

Mostly, the weather in early October is very pleasant, not hot. The temperature on the Costa Brava in mid-October is quite stable, but it is no longer necessary to expect the return of heat after a cold snap. The warm south wind is blowing less and less. Air, as a rule, does not heat up above +22 °C.

At the end of October, the weather on the Costa Brava is noticeably cool. Cold days often turn into equally chilly nights. The wind either completely subsides or blows slightly from the north.

Air and water temperatures

The temperature on the Costa Brava in October is on average 3-4 degrees lower than in September. The mild climate keeps the indicators from sudden changes and the arrival of chilling air. Compared to the countries of Northern Europe, autumn here is clear, quiet and surprisingly bright. 

Air temperature on the Costa Brava in October

During the day, the average air temperature is set at a pleasant +21.9 °C, and at night it cools down to +16.5 °C. The extreme limits that were recorded by weather forecasters over a long period of observation are +27 °C and +5 °C for day and night, respectively.

The water temperature in the sea is at Costa Brava in October

If in September you can definitely swim, then in October the sea is unlikely to please with a comfortable temperature. The Balearic Sea in October has an average water temperature of +19.4 °C. In the first decade of the month, it is warmer and, perhaps, in good weather, will make water procedures acceptable.


The rainy season in October on the coast means that falling 49.8 mm of precipitation will give from 3 to 9 rainy days. However, this does not spoil the local peaceful atmosphere.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

Sunny days are getting shorter: out of 10.4-11.7 daytime hours, the sun shines clearly for an average of 8 hours. Clouds do not cover or partially cover the sky for 21 days. Day 8.8 is overcast.


Costa Brava in October: quiet off-season

< p>In early October, almost all the water parks of the Costa Brava are already closed, but on weekends and holidays in the pine forest on the road from Lloret de Mar to Blanes, the Gnomo Park is still open. On the vast grounds, you can practice playing mini-golf, bowling, billiards and much more.

In the Pyrenees, there are still descents at different speeds along mountain rivers. Rafting is available for children from 6 years old only during the summer months, at other times the minimum age of participation is 12 years old. From the shores of the beaches, instructors send those who wish to scuba diving.

Snorkeling in the Medes Islands area is swimming in a real aquarium, which this place has become over 10 years of protected status.

In a privileged area, part of the national park on the beach of Empuriabrava, windsurfing lessons are offered for children aged 6-14. The sailing club provides all the necessary equipment so that the training takes place in the best conditions.

At the end of October, the popularity of various land movements is only growing. For example, Nordic walking fans gather anywhere along the coast to practice this type of activity for an hour and a half. Children from 8 years old also participate.

In Palamos you can enjoy pony and horseback riding. Horse riding in Begur offers wonderful views of the Medes Islands, Mongrí Castle, Begur Castle, all the villages in the area and of course the sea .

Sightseeing holidays

Costa Brava in October: quiet off-season

In terms of the density of cultural objects per square kilometer, Catalonia has no equal. The path of any traveler must pass by an architectural monument, a museum or a national park.

Ancient castlesSan Juan, San Ferran, Montgri, Holy Trinity, Bufalaranha, fortressesVila Velha, Roses, Tower of the Moors, chapels of St. Barbara and St. Cristina, ruinsEmporion and villas Els Ametlers, < strong>viscounts' palacesDe Cabrera and Mirador, Gothic FountainSan Juan, Creu d'en Cobertella Dolmen, MonasteriesSant Pere de Rodes, Saint Anna, Modernist Cemetery< /strong> and churcheshave interesting histories. Against their backdrop and from the observation decks, you get great panoramic photos.

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The towns of Girona, Besalu, Pals, Peralada, Cadaqués and others are also worth a visit. These are cute or impressive open-air museums.

Classical museums are very numerous and unique. Three of them are devoted to toys, and two more – to magic and illusions. The interiors of museums associated with the name of Salvador Dali will successfully replace any classical exhibits.

The Cat House is dedicated to the main animal of Lloret de Mar. Huge and small cats and everything connected with them are located on three floors of the building.

Animals that are difficult to see in natural conditions or that are not found in the province of Girona, scientists have placed in places such as Aiguamois reserves, Mollo, Alberian Tortoise Reproduction Center< /strong>, tropical garden and butterfly center, bird park.

The sea and maritime pursuits that fed and still feed the province are also dedicated to dozens of museums and exhibitions.

Beach holidays

Costa Brava in October : quiet off-season

In October, it is preferable to choose cities that are closest to the south. For example, the family resort of Blanes is one of the most beautiful towns on the coast. Although the thermometer in this region is only one or two degrees higher, this is significant for the autumn season.

Here is the longest beach of the Wild Coast – С’Abanel. You can appreciate it while walking along the long promenade. Behind him, behind the rock of Sa Palomera, there is another popular place – Playa de Blanes. The equipped beach of San Francesc – it is golden sands and calm waters. It is so pleasant that it was named «Cala Bona», which means «sweet bay».

At 2 km from it you can walk through the botanical garden «Marimurtra» . The 81 steps of Epicurus are the pride of designers.

Europe's most important collection of the rarest plants is open all year round.

Closer to winter, scarlet, cacti and euphorbia reach their peak of splendor.  

With a little drive, you can easily reach the resort of Lloret de Mar. The small, smooth pebbles on the main beach keep vacationers clean. This property and the beautiful promenade overlooking the cliffs and the castle give the place a special value. Deep waters and uncomfortable descents require caution when swimming with children. Fenals beach is more preferable for this purpose.

For beautiful views, you should also go to the resort of Roses. Almadrava Beach with fine golden sand and cozy atmosphere, the most beautiful beach on the coast. Its bay reliably protects vacationers from the winds. Adjacent to the beach is the Cape Creus Nature Reserve.

La Perola Beach is one of the best places, where soft sand, calm sea and well-groomed life justify the title and the Blue Flag award.

In mid-October, the beach season ends until next year: rescue services and the rest of the service go on a long vacation.

Holidays, events and festivals

Celebrations on the Costa Brava in October are not too numerous, but sincere and meaningful.

On October 12, the whole country celebrates its National Day< /strong>when Spain discovered America. The main events take place in Madrid. On an official holiday, the doors of many museums open for free admission.

Every year on October 13, horses are driven in the Camprodon Valley. Foals born in the mountains are separated from mares. After separation, the young horses return to the farmlands to pastures and meadows. Farmers from San Edouard arrive at the regional cattle fair to make trades. The best specimens of animals are awarded.

In the first and second weeks of October on At the feast of La Carbonera in Foragliac, a fire is kindled in a pile of coal, which is continuously maintained for many days. Groups of people sit around the fire and spend the night like that. This is a tribute to the labor that the inhabitants put into the extraction of coal.

In the last week of the month, a series of Fairs of St. Narcissus starts in Girona. A colorful annual fiesta with fireworks, a carnival and processions of wooden figures has been exciting the city for 30 years.

In honor of the flies that saved Girona, manufacturers even released original “fly gifts”.

In terms of scope, the festival is one of the three main events in the city.

And, of course, in anticipation of Halloweenvarious establishments decorate their interiors with pumpkins, skeletons, etc.

Vacation prices

Costa Brava in October : a quiet off-season

especially pleasing in the field of air transport. Tour operators and hotel administrators are trying to keep the cost of their proposals, not everyone is going to reduce the cost of services. However, the low season forces you to do this sooner or later.


The cost of tours shows a tendency to become cheaper by up to 20% compared to September. Another 15% price drops in November, if the choice fell on a long vacation. It is difficult to find a profitable tour for short holidays.


The reduction in accommodation prices since September is practically not noticeable: the savings are only a few percent. In the last days of the month, holidays really get cheaper: hotels offer offers in a low price range.

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< h3>Flight

The average ticket price in September and October is practically the same. Compared to August, the drop is noticeable and amounts to 25%, not reaching 15% of the average annual level. In November, the number of flights decreases and prices rise again.


In a restaurant for local residents, fish dishes cost 13-15 euros, gazpacho – 10 euros, salads – 7-9 euros . A complex lunch in the beach towns will result in an amount of about 15 euros. The cost of a single trip in public transport varies from 1.2 to 4.5 euros.

Taxi services will be at least 5.5 euros for a short trip. Up to 2.5 euros – the amount of the check for each kilometer. Entrance to castles and museums usually costs 8-12 euros.

Recommendations for families with children

Costa Brava in October: quiet off-season

< /p>

This period for rest with children should be evaluated based on preferences: what is more important – to prolong the summer in a hot country or follow an exciting route through a land rich in sights? If culture is the value, then a Spanish holiday is the perfect place to do so. During the short autumn holidays, schoolchildren have the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and broaden their horizons.

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From leisure clothing, you need both bathing suits and jackets and coats. Small children under 6 years old are likely to be bored: there are not so many entertainments. Teenagers should be involved in children's sports weeks at hotels and clubs, excursions to memorable museums and parks.

For mobile and active families who can easily change their plans depending on the weather, October is the perfect time. The resort becomes very affordable, prices are far from high season levels. The change from a beach holiday to a sightseeing holiday and vice versa is just one of the moments that cannot be called essential. Feel free to choose the Costa Brava in October, and good travel planning will bring you a lot of pleasure.


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