British Airways resumes selling short-haul flights from Heathrow

British Airways resumed selling tickets for short-haul flights from Heathrow

In July, the main UK Heathrow Airport has taken the unprecedented decision to limit the number of departing passengers to 100,000 per day. By the way, that equates to 13 BA Boeing 777–300s sold out. The move was meant to ease the pressure on the airport so it could beat a staffing crisis during one of the most turbulent times in modern aviation.

In response, “British” froze ticket sales. The company's executives hoped that this pause would help both meet the established quotas and free up seats on the planes for passengers whose existing bookings were canceled earlier.

The flag carrier's moratorium came to an end on Monday, and passengers rushed to the box office and the airline's website to find tickets for European flights.

“The temporary suspension of our short haul ticket sales from London Heathrow will not be extended and fares will continue to be available across all channels for travel from 15 August 2022,” — says BA. “We would like to thank you for your patience as we got through this difficult period together.”

So, what does British Airways have to offer today?

Those who want to visit Amsterdam from London , can fly in August for $82.09 or September for $54.32.

Meanwhile, flights to Barcelona start at $84.50 in August and $56.74 in September.

A trip to French Bordeaux will cost just $56.74 this month, or $39.84 — in the following.

From other prices we note:

Alicante, Spain — $121.92 in August and $76.05 in September.

Bilbao, Spain — 117.09 and 89.33.

Nice, France — 91.74 and 48.29.

Copenhagen, Denmark — $108.64 in August and $54.32 in September.

Dublin, Ireland — 47.08 and 32.59.

Because British Airways is the largest airline serving Heathrow and the bulk of its fleet is based there, it feels the passenger limit more than anyone else.  

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