83 percent of travelers lost money this summer due to airport disruptions

83 percent of tourists this summer lost money due to airport disruptions

From lost luggage to canceled flights — this summer has become a headache for hundreds of thousands of air passengers. Travel insurance experts from Forbes Advisor decided to find out exactly how the chaos in airlines affected the traveler, and came up with the numbers.

Of the 2,000 respondents surveyed, 61 percent experienced flight delays or cancellations during the summer months. As a result, 83 percent lost money spent on prepaid hotel rooms, cruises and other events.

On average, summer travelers lost $838, and a sixth of them missed important events: weddings, proms and important meetings .

Lost and delayed luggage has become another common travel problem. 48 percent of respondents said that their suitcases were lost or delayed while traveling, and 44 percent of the luggage was damaged.

Waiting time for the “lost” luggage — four days. Every tenth passenger did not wait for their things.

Tourists spent an average of $556 to replace essentials that did not arrive on time.

Next — more. 54 percent of travelers had to take an airplane to pick up their lost luggage from point X, and 33 percent even made long flights to the ends of the world — to where, according to the airline, their native suitcases and boxes were calmly waiting for them.  

On average, travelers spent more than 5 hours at the airport due to flight delays and cancellations.

19 percent of passengers lost money on paid activities they missed due to delays or cancellations, and 17 were forced to cancel their plans entirely and lost money on airport parking, transportation, keeping dogs and unused hotel rooms.

13 percent missed a cruise due to flight cancellations and delays.

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