400 thousand seats for Russian tourists and tours to Turkey to sell in rubles! Erdogan tries to save tourism

Hello friends. Tomorrow, April 1, the “big tourist season 2022” will conditionally start in Turkey, but time will tell whether it will actually be “big”. At least in Turkey, they are doing everything possible so that tourists from Russia can still get to the popular resorts of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, and even at affordable prices.

400 thousand seats for Russian tourists and tours to Turkey to sell in rubles! Erdogan is trying to save tourism

Speaking of the start of the season…

Although April 1 is not an official date the beginning of the tourist season in Turkey, but here the weather in Antalya came right on schedule. For the next week, forecasters promise that the air temperature in the region will be 5-8 degrees above the climatic norm. So The swimming season is open tomorrow! And I'm not kidding. I'll post a video with evidence over the weekend)

Sell 400 thousand seats for Russian tourists and tours to Turkey in rubles! Erdogan is trying to save tourism

Measures to support Russian tourists in Turkey

In the current conditions, when Europe is offended by Turkey for the fact that Ankara kept a sober head and did not fall into a general hysteria about anti-Russian sanctions, tourists from England and Germany (which make up a significant share of the total mass of tourists in Turkey) are unlikely to massively go to Turkish resorts this year. So all hope is only on Russia.

On this occasion, the President of Turkey even recently stated that in the current conditions, when the ruble against the dollar and the euro (namely, tours are sold in these currencies), his country is ready to gradually switch to direct lira-ruble conversion! And not only in the sale of tours, but also in general in international settlements with our country.

And the ruble has strengthened again against the lira! And if the cost of tours is really recalculated in rubles, then, I think , prices will be much more attractive than they are now.

Although, it must be admitted that over the past week the ruble has greatly strengthened against the dollar (and I don’t understand why this is happening at all), so the prices for tours to Turkey have already adjusted significantly. For May 2022, there are already good options for all-inclusive hotels with a flight from Russia. for Russian tourists

And from the latest news…

Our tour operators Coral Travel, Pegas Touristik and ANEX Tour are negotiating with the Turkish airline Turkish Airlines regarding the fixation of 400,000 seats (EVERYONE!) From the end of April to October 2022 for the flights of our tourists to Antalya from four cities of Russia . And it seems that agreements have already been reached.

So ! Turkey is doing everything to make the season happen!

Thank you for your attention, your Mom at the Sea.

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