4 categories of people moving to Turkey, 3 main problems and help from hotels

At the end of March 2022, the flow of Russians to Turkey is still as large as at the beginning of the month, but the conditions for new arrivals are already very, very not attractive. Many turn around and leave for Georgia.

There is no more cheap Antalya

Now Antalya can no longer be called an attractive and affordable city for relocation in Turkey. There is, of course, a possibility that the situation will gradually improve and by the autumn “everything will be as before”, but in fact, it is hard to believe in this.

4 categories of people moving to Turkey, 3 main problems and help from hotels

And, to be honest, in the current situation , if we didn’t have our own apartment here, then most likely we would also think about changing our place of residence. But it's not because we don't like living in Turkey anymore (no change in that regard), but because the cost of living in Antalya is going up at some crazy pace.

Even the official poverty line in Turkey has already reached the figure of 11,600 lira per family per month! Well, in Antalya, it is now difficult to rent even a normal apartment for this money.

4 categories of people moving to Turkey , 3 main problems and help from hotels

A week ago, 11,600 lira was equal to 105,000 rubles. Now the course, thank God, began to recover. There are already 75,000 in rubles.

Who is going to Antalya? render__block_unstyled” data-points=”2″>There are mostly four categories going:

  1. IT companies with families. Whole companies are moving. For them, realtors rent entire apart-hotels.
  2. People with money who are determined to buy real estate in Antalya. There are also a lot of those. And as it turned out, there are still options to transfer money to Turkey. So the local realtors are busy right now.
  3. People running away from problems. And here we can also include those who travel to Antalya, believing that it is “still cheap” here. Many of them, faced with the current state of affairs, turn around and leave either back to Russia or Georgia.
  4. People who want just somewhere to sit out the turbulence and have enough funds for this (there are many remote workers, self-employed and freelancers among this category).

3 main problems

At the moment, Russians moving to Antalya face three problems:

  1. Find affordable housing. Prices – space, few options.
  2. Get a residence permit. Not everyone can meet the new conditions. You need to show money for 39,000 lira per person, and do everything with an apostille (now this is a big problem for those who have not taken care of this in Russia), and the cost of obtaining a residence permit has also increased significantly. For a family with a child, this will cost approximately 11,000 lira.
  3. Withdraw money in Turkey. Those who decided that it is possible to come to Turkey with a MIR card and did not take enough cash with them are now experiencing certain difficulties. Just a couple of days ago, it was still possible to transfer dollars to yourself through the Zolotaya Korona system, but now this is no longer possible. And it's very strange! The ability to transfer currency (euro and dollars) to other countries of the near abroad remained, and now it is possible to transfer to Turkey only in lira. But the options for transferring money from Russia still remain, just few people know about them. If it is relevant for you, you can read it on .

Hotels solve the first two problems

Many hotels have gradually begun to realize that this year it will not be possible to earn much on tourists. So now there are offers for long-term residence (some with a residence permit).

The prices are:with a maximum occupancy (2 adults and 2 children) – 1500 Euro per room per month (if without alcohol, then 1300). This accommodation is all inclusive.

4 categories of people moving to Turkey, 3 main problems and help from hotels

4 categories of people moving to Turkey, 3 main problems and help from hotels

4 categories of people moving to Turkey, 3 main problems and help from hotels

This hotel …

No deposits, no realtor fees, no utility bills – none of that. In the current conditions, it is more profitable than just renting an apartment in Antalya for a long time. The hotel is located in the very center of Kemer on the first line. There is a swimming pool, water slides, sauna.

If you are interested in this option, then write to me in PM, I will tell you more.

Thank you for your attention, your Mom at the Sea.

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